Joyforwa 10.5 Inch Android 10.0 Plug And Play Autoradio Car Stereo For BMW E90 E91 E92 E93

Joyforwa 10.5 Inch Android 10.0 Plug And Play Autoradio Car Stereo For BMW E90 E91 E92 E93


Ship from: EU Warehouse

Ram: LPDDR4 4GB Rom: Samsung 64GB

CPU: Octa Core 1.8GHz. 64-bit high-performance processor

1) 10.5 Inch Car Stereo For BMW E90 E91 E92 E93

2) Built-in 4G module and WiFi module. ​

3) Built-in DSP, supports subwoofer output and SPFID digital audio output.

4) Supports wired Carplay & Android auto, Google Play Store app is pre-installed.

5) Supports Bluetooth, navigation, steering wheel control and FM&AM radio.

6) Supports functions such as fast startup, picture-in-picture and split-screen display.

7) With Optical output & Coaxial output.

8) 5G Hz provides high loading speed.

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Detailed Description:

Built-in 4G Module and WiFi Module:

* Insert the SIM card into the SIM card slot for Internet access, but this SIM card can not support to make phone calls or send SMS.

SIM card models supported:

  GSM GSM850  EGSM900  DCS1800  PCS1900

* Built-in WiFi module connects mobile phone hotspots or wireless shared networks, allows users to search online, watch online videos and use online maps for navigation.

Android Auto & Carplay:

Android Auto: Open the z-link app, connect Android mobile phone and car stereo through USB cable, you can use the mobile phone app on the car stereo include GPS, music, and phone.

(Compatible with Android 7.0-Android 10.0 phones)

 Carplay: Open the Zlink app and connect iPhone and car stereo through USB cable, so that you can talk with Siri, make phone calls by voice, listen to music, use GPS and read the message.

(Compatible with iOS10.1-14.0 phones)

DSP & TDA7851 & SPDIF Digital Audio Output :

Matches DSP sound effect processing chip with TDA7851 power amplifier output chip and supports SPDIF digital audio output. Our car stereo has a good sound quality output standard. You can adjust the sound effect as needed when listening to music, radio and watching movies. It brings you a feast of hearing.

* 32-band equalizer, with independent front and rear speaker adjustment.

* Omni-directional stereo surround sound brings higher-order surround stereo hearing experience.

* Bass reinforcement. The bass of the front and rear speaker can be adjusted separately, and each hertz can be fine-tuned.

* Bass filtering. The front and rear speaker subwoofers can be independently amplified and output, high frequency can be directly blocked.

 SPDIF: If you want to achieve better sound effects, you can connect an external power amplifier through the SPDIF digital audio output interface and output digital audio with lossless sound quality to obtain the best sound quality. If your external amplifier does not have SPDIF input, please connect the external amplifier through FL/FR and RL/RR audio output.

 Ok google & Google Play Store: 

* Supports Google Voice Service, to navigate, play music radio or open your favorite app through voice commands.

* Pre-installed Google Play Store to allow you to download all kinds of the favorite app to the Android car stereo.

 Quick Start-up: Supports quick start-up function. It takes 30-40s for the first start-up. After that, once the car key is inserted, the car stereo will start up immediately and enter the user interface within 2 seconds to shorten your waiting time.

 PIP function: You can minimize the video player (the default video player only) so that you can enjoy the video when using navigation, browsers and other applications. You can also adjust the size of the video player display.

Split-screen function: Runs two applications side by side. For example, you can watch YouTube videos while searching on the Internet. This function is limited to Google-related applications.

Bluetooth: Makes phone calls and listens to music via Bluetooth, synchronizes the Bluetooth phone book.

AM/FM: Built-in radio antenna, listens to FM/AM radio stations, displays RDS information, supports renaming of radio channel names.

GPS Navigation:

* Equipped with GPS antenna, supports online or offline maps.

* Supports GPS mixing function, and you can listen to music or radio in the background when you use navigation.

Steering Wheel Control :

Supports the original car steering wheel control, switches songs, channels and adjusts the volume easily, to provide you with a safer and more pleasant journey.

Note: If your car has Canbus, you need to purchase additional appropriate Canbus decoder wiring harness to support this function.

Compatible accessories: DVR, OBD2, rear camera, TPMS, DAB+

Packing list:

1 car stereo

1 GPS antenna

1 external microphone

1 4G antenna

1 user manual

1 mounting frame

1 plug and play harness


More Information
Operating System Android 10.0
CPU Processor Octa Core 1.8GHz. 64-bit high-performance processor
Working Voltage 10V-14V
Boot Up Time(2nd time) 2s
Standby Current 11mA
Working Temperature -40℃-80℃
OSD Language Support 50+ kinds of languages(English/German/French/Spanish, etc)
Packaged Size 2.3KG
Packaged Weight 275*275*180mm
Built-in Amplifier Yes
4G Built-in 4G Module
Built-in WiFi Yes(Support 2.4GHz, no support 5.0GHz)
WiFi Hotspot Support(Connect the WiFi Hotspot from other device)
Resolution 1280*720
Brightness Adjustment Support
Split screen function Support
Changeable boot logo Preset 100 Car logos and support Customize car logo
Wallpaper Support Dynamic wallpaper, static wallpaper and customize the wallpaper
Radio Chip TEF6686
FM/AM support
Radio Frequency Region USA, Latin, Europe, Russia, Japan
GPS Antenna Universal GPS antenna(Do not support the OEM GPS antenna)
GPS Navigation Supported and Pre-installed GPS Navigation map dates
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.1, Support Bluetooth hands-free calls, phone book, and Bluetooth music play
Microphone Internal microphone & External microphone
Built-in amplifier FR/FL/RR/RL 4-channel Audio Output Yes
Amplifier IC TDA7851
Audio Power Output 4X50W
Coaxial(SPDIF) Output Support
RCA Video Output Not support
RCA Audio Output Support
AUX Video/Audio Input Support
Subwoofer Output Support
Reversing Camera Video Input Support
Reversing Camera Video Output Not Support
USB/SD slot maximum compatibility Tested 64GB USB disk and SD card
HDD Tested external hard drive 500GB storage
GPS Antenna Input Yes
FR/FL/RR/RL Four Speakers Output Yes
EQ(Built-in DSP) Custom, Soft, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classic, Hall, Cinema,etc
OK Google support
Picture in Picture Support
DVR/Backup Camera/DAB+/OBD2/TPMS Support (Not included)
Carplay Support wired Carplay and wireless Carplay
SWC Support OEM steering wheel control, some vehicles may need special canbus harness
Android auto Support wired Android auto only
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